Web app – How to use:

M_APP is a self evaluation tool which allows you to document what you have learned during a stay abroad, show how and when you have gained new skills and ultimately present these newly acquired skills in the form of a certificate to others.

We suggest that you use the tool as a travel log, recording new situations as and when you encounter them on a regular basis.

We encourage you to self reflect as you are using the tool and to enter as much detail as possible.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Create your profile – your profile details will remain private and will be used for the purpose of external valuation only if you so choose.
  2. Log your trips –Select My Trips from the Menu tab, then click on the tab on the far right side of your screen to select New Trip. Fill in the details of your trip and decide if you would like them to become public or not. If you choose for them to become public, then other users can view them on the “World M_APP”.
  3. Log your experiences – choose New situation Entry by clicking on the icon to the far right of your log title. Select the relevant field of action and choose the most appropriate option from the lists provided. Describe your experience in the field provided, click on the camera icon to add a supporting photo if you wish and touch the check button to complete your entry. Remember the more detail you enter now, the easier it will be for you to complete the self evaluation and validation process at a later stage
  4. View your “statistics” – by selecting Statistics under your profile you can see how many credits you have earned in each area. This is a useful tool which allows you to see and reflect on which areas you may want to give further attention to, or prompt you to think about some situations which you may have forgotten to log. You will be shown a useful breakdown of the type of situations you have already logged.
  5. Self evaluation and validation phase - When you have completed your trip and logged all possible situations, you can begin the self evaluation and validation phase. Select Self Evaluation and Validation under the box showing your trip and follow the instructions. You will be given the opportunity to rate your mobility stay in terms of competences acquired and elaborate on why you have chosen a particular rating.
  6. When you have completed this phase you can choose to click on Print self-evaluation certificate, whereby a PDF will be immediately generated for your use. You can also choose to Submit for external validation in which case an external validator will review and validate your acquired competences. You will receive a validated certificate at a later stage by email. Both certificates can be used for your portfolio or to present to a future employer.